Corporate Sponsorship

Don’t leave sponsorship money on the table.

Increase profitability of your programs and events
Identify qualified prospective sponsors
Understand the true value of your existing sponsorship program
Increase the value of your sponsorship program
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Why Now?

As consumers continue to hold brands accountable, societal leadership is now considered a core business function by many companies—motivating them to increase their support of nonprofits in their community.

In a time when 58% of consumers buy or advocate for brands based on their beliefs and values*, businesses of all sizes are looking to demonstrate their commitment to advocacy and social change.

*2022 Edelman Trust Barometer
The Value of Sponsorships in 2023

By forming closer ties with motivated brands who align with your values and priorities, you can increase the profitability and efficacy of your programs and events.

Relationships with like-minded businesses not only benefit your organization financially, but can lead to stronger event sponsorship—increased funding for outreach, planning capacity, and event amenities—that better engage and motivate your supporters.

With corporate investment, standard annual giving events can become experiences that thrill your audiences and create buzz about your organization.

Our Process

Increase your corporate sponsorships with a data-driven, step-by-step process.


Audience Analysis & Personas

Corporate sponsors are looking for partners who overlap with their consumer base. To determine the best fit, Carter Consulting Group will gather audience data, interviewing current supporters to establish their media footprint and find where their values align with potential corporate supporters.


Audit of Existing Sponsorship Program

Carter Consulting Group will look into how corporate sponsorships are currently structured at your organization, determining sponsor impact, satisfaction, and areas for improvement.

We’ll also look at how you can utilize sponsorships to further the goals of your programs and events, and continue to fulfill your organization’s mission.


Assess the True Value of Your Sponsorship Package

Our valuation process measures the actual benefit to corporate partners by looking at audience reach and goodwill generated to determine a dollar figure that matches the true value of your sponsorships.


Craft a Philanthropic Appeal for Potential Sponsors

With our assessment completed, we’ll create a comprehensive sponsorship appeal deck that outlines your audiences, events, and consequent valuation.

Our appeals are designed to demonstrate how a partnership will benefit a potential sponsor’s brand, justifying a significant investment.


Engage Potential Sponsors

Finally, we’ll provide expert guidance on which corporate partners to engage, how to approach, and how to utilize their sponsorship dollars in your programs and events.


Maintain the Relationship

Through careful stewardship, a corporate sponsor can become a close partner that empowers your events and funds your programs. We’ll help you understand how to maintain and strengthen your new relationship for years to come.


Achieve the gold standard of corporate sponsorship packages.

Many nonprofits have been offering the same sponsorship package for decades, missing out on incentives that can dramatically increase what corporate partners are willing to pay.

Understand the value of your sponsorship program to secure more funding and energize your annual events.

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